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Download Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk – Now the game that is booming is the battle royal genre. Besides that, the action, fantasy, and simulation genre games are also quite popular. One of the simulation genre games that currently attracts a lot of interest is the dude theft wars. This game takes concepts that are almost like the sims. It’s just that, in this game you will act as gangsters or thugs. In terms of graphics, this game has very fine pixel image quality. This game by Network Inspector takes the concept from Grand Theft Auto. In this game you will be given the freedom to freedom to the players to be able to explore this game further. Acting as a gangster means doing a lot of bad things, for example fighting with other gangsters, stealing cars, and so on. Well, this time will be discussed further about the cheat dude theft wars.

Like the cheats in other games, the cheat dude theft wars also serves to make it easier for players to complete the missions in the game. By using a cheat, you will get a lot of convenience, even though the use of this cheat is counted as cheating. Cheat will provide many benefits, one of which is that you will get many interesting features that you won’t get if you don’t use cheats. With these features, you can complete the mission more easily. Now there is an application that can be used to cheat on the game dude theft wars.


# An open world sandbox game
# Experience all the action in First Person
# Visit Weapon Shop to buy INSANE Weapons like AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, SHOTGUNS Or just use your hand to SLAP People.
# Drive many different Cars like RAMP CAR, MONSTER TRUCK, Rc CARS. Alien UfO, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, Karts Or just drive around the town in a SHOPPING CART.
Fun AI and hundreds kinds of people with ragdoll effects.
# Perform amazing stunts with ragdolls and Cars that are as fun to watch complete as they are to see fail horribly.
# Use your smartphone to use dUber and order Brand New Cars.
# Explore Beautiful City and buildings and find Secrets and easter eggs.
# Do action pack stunts in slow motion
# Troll People with grenades and watch them “RUN”

Dude Theft Wars Details

Title Dude Theft Wars
Category Game Action
Size 100 Mb
Content Rating: Mature 17+
In-App Purchase: Yes
Install: 5,000,000+

Dude Theft Wars Screenshots

Dude Theft Wars 1

Dude Theft Wars 1

Dude Theft Wars 1

Dude Theft Wars 1

Whats new in Dude Theft Wars

-Enjoy the Snowfall
-Snowball fights!
-Christmas decorations
-Santa’s Sleigh
-Memes added
-Christmas dudes
-Fix car button added
-Police shooting through walls fixed
-Bugs smashed
Ver 0.83b2
– Halloween Update
– New Islands with Airport, Desert and more🏝
– Helicopters
– New Vehicles
– MiniGame BasketBall
– Control height of air vehicles
– Day/Night Cycle!
– New cheats
– Trees are now Destructible
– Spooky Scary stuff
– New Islands with Airport, Desert and more🏝 🏙
– Helicopters
– New Vehicles
– New MiniGame BasketBall Play and earn money
– Control height of hover vehicles
– Day and Night Cycle!
– Ram Optimization
– upto 50% increase in Frame rate
– Thanos Car Thanos Car
– New cheats to discover
– Dudes with new fashions
– Trees are now Destructible
– Improved Graphics
– Dead Memes
– Bugs Smashed

Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk Features

  • Mod Money
  • Unlimited Money


Download Link

Download Link


How To Install Mod Apk

Step 1 : Allow unknown source installation (if this has been allowed, go to the next step)
Go to Setting > Security > Unknown Source

Step 2 : Uninstall Your Original Game
Uninstall previous Dude Theft Wars

Step 3 : Find File that we have downloaded
Go to Internal Storage > Download > Dude Theft Wars MOD.apk

step 4 : Open Dude Theft Wars MOD.apk

step 5: enjoy the game

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